About Kavya

I currently work for IPR License, the first fully transactional marketplace for publishers to buy and sell rights online, where I am the Product Owner for the platform. Prior to this I spent two years in product development at Pearson, as divisional lead for business change.

Outside of my ‘day job’, I have written a number of publications including The Independent,The New StatesmanThe UK Asian,  among other publications. I’ve performed stand up comedy in the past, and spent years perfecting the art of Kathak, a Classical Indian dance form.

I am passionate about making Britain an inclusive and diverse society. I stood for parliament in the South Asian constituency of Ealing Southall in 2015 for the Liberal Democrats, losing my deposit in the process. I have appeared on numerous TV and radio stations speaking about politics, including BBC Daily Politics, BBC News, Sky News, Radio 4, London Live and others. Some of my media appearances are available here.

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I also write about curry here, and occasionally write niche introspective articles about Classical Indian dance in the UK on this blog

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