The Curious Cake for Change

It’s war. Nick Clegg vs. the world. Frankly, I’m sorry to say it’s a complete waste of time.

I understand the merits of the anti-Clegg argument but personally think it’s UKIP-esque scapegoating that we really should rise above. Yes, some voters dislike Nick Clegg, but stop blaming the lad. The more hate Clegg gets the more sympathy I pour over him and want to send him photographs of kittens.

The truth of the matter is that Nick Clegg had the balls to confront the vile racist rhetoric UKIP were putting out. Clegg said all the right arguments. But Labour, the party who should have exposed Farage’s horns and combat the national rise of xenophobia stayed silent. Instead they progressed with their 4 year long Nick Clegg character assassination which will only continue into the next year. To be honest I would rather direct my anger and attention towards Labour for putting out lies than wasting time being furious at the guy who raised the income tax threshold to £10,000; raised the number of apprenticeships; and introduced same sex marriage.

My home constituency of Hendon has an MP with a terrible LGBT record and a wafer thin majority of 103. Yet Labour are not targeting this constituency, they’re leaving the him to it. This translated in votes as Barnet council is the only blue council amidst a sea of red North London councils. Instead of targeting these councils they’ve gone for the Lib Dem vote and targeted Hornsey and Wood Green and Brent Central. It’s not about what is right or wrong, it is only about the 35% strategy. Dan Hodges expands on this point eloquently here.

It is important to note that Labour’s character assassination in Brent began with Sarah Teather. Even though Teather has said she will not be restanding, Brent Labour has continued the hate campaign against Lib Dem PPC Ibrahim Taguri. The hate campaign continues to pick up on Sarah voting against same sex marriage despite Sarah not being the candidate.

My point is that if this is happening on a local level it is highly unlikely a change of leader will change Labour’s strategy. They are vicious and opportunist and not interested in combatting UKIP’s xenophobia or Conservative comments such as Offord’s. Labour’s 35% strategy requires a decimation of the Lib Dems despite whoever is in the suit at the front.

Right now we should all be working exceptionally hard to get our messaging across in a united front. In fighting and leadership battles are the refuge of the Conservatives and Labour. We are better than this. We need to prove this by just pushing forward and exposing lies altogether.

Finally, our MPs need to be working hard to get themselves back in power. It is frankly irresponsible to dangle leadership challenges in front of people with small majorities. The name of the leader will make no difference to the Labour campaign strategy. Hopefully the loss of seats to UKIP in Rotheram and Sunderland will wake up Labour and get them to grow some principles instead of partisan fighting. But I’m not placing any bets on change there.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter or by Email to discuss this further.


Edit: The title is a typo. But I’m keeping it because it’s topical with the cake vs. clegg debate


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